DWJ Colourprint

Following an acquisition in 2015, DWJ Colourprint found itself with more potential, more equipment and an out-dated brand. With nearly 125 years of heritage in the printing industry in South Wales, it was important to keep the heritage alive in honour of the MD’s grandfather, D.W. Jones.  They needed to refresh the brand, bring back the heritage and re-establish their position in the marketplace. As well as a logo re-fresh (adopting both a long and stacked version for various applications) a new stationery range was developed, new workwear, signage and lots more. Various sub-brands were also developed for the company including folderprintingdirect.co.uk, menuprintingdirect.co.uk and DWJ Display (A signage and large format department).

  • Client DWJ Colourprint
  • Date 8th January 2017
  • Tags Branding, Print